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Semi Contact

Points Fighting

Semi contact points training represents 50% of the Kickboxing syllabus of JTKfreestyle. Students are taught the basics & principles of points fighting. Starting from bouncing, movement alongside techniques such as the back fist, reverse punching, countering attacks, blitzing, defensive & attacking kicks, all the way to advanced techniques in the form of sparring drills and controlled sparring. 







Light contact continuousfighting contributes to 50% of the Kickboxing syllabus of JTKfreestyle. Students are coached the basics of continuous kickboxing techniques. Always starting from the basics with feet movement, the basic set of punches (such as the jab, reverse, hook & uppercut) & kicking such as push front, roundhouse, side, hook, crescent and axe kicks) which equip you to begin & take part in sparring drills and controlled sparring.







We take the general state of health and wellbeing seriously. We aim to provide a well-rounded fitness program that is targeted to improve our students in all aspects of fitness.We seek to improve on all attributes of fitness including strength, endurance, speed, balance and coordination through our implemented 'Fighting Fit' principle.This is achieved through the focus pad and sparring drills we engage in.


Club Grading & Syllabus

The syllabus is based on our training program curriculum. Each grading is a testament to indicate your personal development and progress. Students will be prepared leading up to grading examinations in the form of grading practice. Students are adviced to grade for two reasons:

A. Consistency: Students advance from grade to the next. Thereby advance through grades syllabus's from one stage to another in a consistent manner. Finally at Black belt they have covered the full syllabus. Students that do not grade will always have gaps in their list of techniques, where some good, others not.

B. Techniques Perfection: Students progressively improve the execution of each technique as they progress from one belt to another. For example, a Round House Kick exist in all grades, however at Black belt a student is able to execute at higher perfection than any other previous belt.


* Below are  brief examples of grades required.

* Yellow Belt & Yellow BLACK Tag
* Orange Belt & Orange BLACK Tag
* Green Belt & Green BLACK Tag
* Blue Belt &  Blue BLACK Tag
* Purple Belt (Advanced) & PURPLE BLACK TAG
* Brown Belt & Brown Black Tag
* Black Belt 1st Dan 
* BLACK BELT 2ND DAN & beyond
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