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       Sami Jassim

Sami Jassim, black belt 3rd dan, began learning martial arts at the age of seven. At nine he began to compete and worked his way up to compete in highly reputable tournaments. Later, Sami took a deeper interest in Points Fighting (Semi Contact) kickboxing. He joined Dave Ryan of Watford Freestyle Kickboxing for three years. Sami also trained with Dave Maddocks of Maddogs Martial Arts in Stock-On-Trent. Sami Jassim is currently a member of TOPTEN UK and  WAKO GB teams fighting squad. A the age of 14, Sami won a number of British titles most significant was WAKO British Championship title in addition to winning two gold medals at the world championships in Athens in 2013. In recent times Sami became a W.A.K.O referee as well as being a top level fighter. Besides many more, perhaps Sami's best achivement was winning the World WAKO 2019 Teams division as one of WAKO GB's team four fighters. Sami is a valuable asset to JTKfreestyle and will continue to pass his knowledge and experience to our students.

      Ayad Jassim

Ayad Jassim black belt 3rd dan, began learning Martial Arts while a student at the University of Nottingham. He practiced two karate disciplines, namely Shotokan & Wado Ryu. After graduating, Ayad worked in London, Scotland and found himself eventually settling in Reading where he was introduced to kickboxing. Ayad later spent two years with Watford Freestyle Kickboxing. Since then Ayad began to learn in the direction of Points Fighting (Semi Contact) kickboxing. Ayad was three times 3rd medalist in WPKA and WMKF world championships. Over the last three years, Ayad continued his development in Semi Contact Points fighting and looks forward to sharing his experience and knowledge with the members of JTKfreestyle. Ayad Jassim is also a qualified british W.A.K.O referee providing the club with knowledge on tournaments rules for our competitors.

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